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Iiiino Iiiiino!

Ino Head ParK First Community Desu!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the first INO HEAD PARK livejournal community! Ino are still relatively unkown, so don't expect this place to be the liveliest community around - but that'll all change soon! Look here for member information, schedules, lyrics, live reports, scans and more!


shinysilvercoin - Founder, general bossy boots
x_psyence - The in-the-field-guy girl. Gig reports and stupid findings.
fallenfromchair - Icons, layouts, stuff

Member Profiles
(Apologies for the inconsistency in these - info is snatched from the most random of places!)

Name - JO:YA
Position - Vocal
Date of birth - 09/09/1974

Name - Sussy
Position - Guitar
Date of birth - 02/03/1974
Bood type - O
Home Town - Yamanashi
Cigarette Brand - Marlboro
Hobby - Mac
Favorite Bands - Nickel Back/Fuel
Licensed - Driver's license/Certificate of cookery
Underpants: Front opening
Favourite kind of Gift: Encouragement
Least Favourite kind of Gift: Defeat

Name - Takuya
Position - Guitar
Date of birth - 02/15/1972
Blood type - A
Measurements - 176cm/58kg/26? 26.5cm
Vision - 0.7
Hometown - Chiba
Cigarette Brand - He doesn't smoke
Favourite Bands - KISS / Akira Takasaki/ E.VAN HALLEN
Hobby - sleeping
Taste in women - He likes kind people
Favorite foods - burning meat/Sushi/Chow mein/Calais/Ramen noodle/Chocolate
Least favourite foods - Carrots/Japanese buckwheat noodles/Kousou system (?)
Underpants: Animal
Favourite kind of Gift: Clothes
Least Favourite kind of Gift: Tobacco

Name - Kazuki
Position - MC
Date of Birth - 07/20/1972
Blood type - AB
Home Town - Oita
Hobby - Reading and Walking
Favorite Bands - Bon Jovi and B'z
Favorite foods - Chinese noodles
Favorite speciality - Callous burning (???)

Name - Mi2
Position - Extra Member - Drums
Age - 23
Date of Birth - 05/20/1981
Blood Type - ?
Home Town - Tokyo
Height - 176cm
Weight - 68.5kg
Skill - Sleeping
Favourite Foods - Tuna/Sushi/Fish
Least Favourite Foods - Cucumber/Bee (!)
Recommendations - Sleeping and Spider Man 2
Respects - his Parents, Ino Head ParK members and Bye2regret members
Regards himself as - Generally seen as strange

Sister Community:

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