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Ino Head Park Discography?

2006年3月13日発売 定価2,800円(税込)

* 君に逢いにゆこう
* 道しるべ
* さくら
* ロンリースター


* イチゴマンのテーマ -Tk8mix-

2007年4月15日発売 定価1,200円(税込)

* 夢幻航路
* NaMgAlSiPS
* 渚

2006年11月9日発売 定価2,800円(税込)

* メリーゴーランド
* Shall We Dance?
* Love Love Moonlight
* さくら
* 恋する宇宙人
* マジカルSweet Heart
* あなたに…
* ロンリースター
* ラビリンス

Anyone could help me, if anyone has this, I want this discography or/and DVD >.<, it's very hard,
Perhaps could help me!!


anyways no problem if anyone doesn't sharing me!
Beauty Tsubasa

Sussy's HP

Hello everybody! ^^
Does anyone know what happened to Sussy's HP? (
Is it offline or is it just me who can't get access?
Thanks for answers! ;)
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IHP Neko

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Ino's new discography page is up. It's ... kinda nice, but leaves a bit of a lump in my throat. Dutch... Well, looks like JO:YA (with mask, of course) Takuya has done something weird to his face.. I dunno, what is that stuff? Plasters? Who knows. XD Flake3 looks like Mi2 crossed with takuya... now THERE'S a scary image.

Check it out here. ShiMo-3 has changed his name to Volvo, so that answers a few questions, and raises a few more. XD

Their kitty mascot has officially been named - Ruby ^^

I dunno. Maybe I'm just getting crotchetty in my old age, but the new IHP... is... I dunno. XD I reserve judgement. I hope they do a live in September, so I can see the new setup for myself.

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Sussy - Guitar Solo

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So, JO:YA's leaving Ino Head Park and retiring from music?! Can this be true??

First De-hi left, and now JO:YA too. I'm thinking Disband. ._.

More info on that as it comes. *shuffles away sadly*

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Ino Head Park March

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Apparently those international sex symbols known as Ino Head Park played a WONDERFUL gig in O-East last week (^-^) I'm glad to hear it - wish I could have been there...

Ino ther news, IHP have three new members!!

The joke of it all is that they are ALL old members. XD

Firstly, Kazuki returns!

Image hosted by
(For those of you who don't know - Kazuki is also MicMan)

As well as Kazuki, two new characters..

ICHIGOMAN! ... #1 and #2 I guess.

Image hosted by

As played by the old family favourites - Sussy and Takuya!

As well as these, there are new photos up, and a member message from each of the four main members.

New Ino Head Park Photos!Collapse )

That's all from me ^^ Until next time~

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Camp JO:YA

Kimi ni Ai ni Yukou!!

[x-posted to my journal, sorry for the spam XD]

Guess what it's time for~

Ino Head Park - Kimi ni ai ni yukou

Ino Head Park - Michishirube

Ino Head Park - Guruguru TONIGHT (Live @ Shibuya BOXX 2005.04.09 - I think.)


Who wants to buy a CD? I'm gunna order them online probably, and then take them with me to the next live and try and get them signed.


"KYOU WA FUCKS-- ............... O_O .......... FIRST MAXI SINGLE!! (><)!!" - JO:YA... XD
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  • jo_ya

(no subject)

Kimi ni Ai ni Yukou
(As far as I know, the B-side is Mishishirube)

August 19th.

Kumagaya Vogue.


EDIT: go here for a video of Takuya paying guitar ^_^
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Inotachi da


Ino Head Park have a new extra member featured on their site. XD

(Kurohige Ginji Sensei)


LOVE FOR GINJI~~~!! He's awesome. XD; And short.

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